About us
Pembroke 21C Community Interest Company Ltd (P21C CIC) is a social Enterprise which develops and implements revenue raising projects to provide a source of income for the charity- Pembroke 21C Association.

We work across several sites to develop our projects and with a wonderful bunch of volunteers and helpers who can learn as many new skills and crafts as they wish.  Our ethos is to provide a safe, fun atmosphere for people to enjoy with the potential to develop employment enhancing skills where possible along the way.

Green Hill Farm
The newest project is the 30 year lease of Green Hill Farm.  This exciting and wonderful project is supported by the landowners RWENPower who are allowing us to use the old farm house as a meeting place, classroom space and will one day become a fully functioning centre for all our activities as we develop and grow.  The land is being used to make hay, we will soon have animals grazing and also our horticultural projects which allows all of our helpers to grow vegetables for themselves as they develop skills and also our pilot projects such as popcorn maize growing which will soon be for sale in the area.

Hentland is leased from Valero Pembroke Refinery and we currently grow willow in a short rotation coppice for use in sculpture making, basketry and weaving as well as environmental projects such as river bank stabilisation.

Kings’mill Woodland near Castlemartin is managed for the National Trust at Stackpole: the National Trust has granted the CIC an annual renewable agreement to manage the woodland. We use the coppiced material along with wood from other sources to create a fully sustainable barbeque charcoal, bean and pea sticks, logs for burning.  We also have wonderful days out maintaining paths and dealing with Himalayan balsam.

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